What is Markaccy.io ? The Gateway to Financial Decentralization & Service Distribution | Review

 The Gateway to Financial Decentralization & Service Distribution 


The essential standard of Blockchain, which Markaccy works on, is an advanced 
arrange that administers the inception of rapid and straightforward Peer-to-Peer(P2P) 
exchanges, by means of secure channels, with a point of developing trust and autonomy 
between all end-clients. Since “Satoshi Nakamoto” imagined Blockchain Technology 
individuals as at March 2020. This speaks to a pitiful 0.0006% of the world’s 
populace, and in this manner becomes presents a solid road for development not simply in 
terms of information, yet in addition regarding reception. 
The potential outcomes, in this way, are various: the chance of joining the world 
through a straightforward advanced system that advances clearness, trust and productivity in 

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the trading of merchandise and ventures will make dimensional open doors on the whole 
feature, openings that drive the advanced insurgency. It is on the grounds that Markaccy adjusts 
unequivocally with these overall long haul possibilities of the Blockchain that we look to 
be at the bleeding edge of this ground-breaking and special plan. 
In Markaccy, we are outfitted towards accomplishing a computerized economy driven by 
Blockchain, and we are progressing in the direction of this vital objective in periods of shortterm, medium-term and long haul plans. It is this objective that will help our undertaking 
to be a genuinely worldwide organization at the front line of the computerized transformation driven by 
Blockchain innovation. 
We are contained a capable group of imaginative and objective driven experts 
who are resolved to see our procedures to fulfillment and get stakes in the 
advanced upheaval driven by Blockchain innovation. This Whitepaper reveals insight into 
our vision, procedures and up and coming activities. It likewise clarifies the center ideas 
what’s more, valuations of the Markaccy token, and gives point of view on the items and 
administrations that will be propelled beginning with the Markaccy Marketplace.

What is Markaccy Token? 

MKCY token is an Ethereum based utility computerized resource viable with advanced wallets supporting ERC-20.

Token Information

The Markaccy token is an etherum base coin and is equipped towards being broadly accessible through all driving exchnages there s a toal Cap of 100000000 markaccy token 

Markaccy’s need is leveled at advancing a decentralized world in all part of life, killing the incorporated frameworks 

building up trust, advancing protection, security, , uniformity and 

the MKCY token is endeavoring to make a decentralized world 

inside all types of life, killing superfluous and outlandish 

costs coming from corporate avarice. 

We plan to engage the individuals to permit them make esteem and 

create riches.

 Together We Will Revolutionize Trust, Transparency, And Profitabilty. 

Markaccy is introducing a New time of money related equality,transparency and reasonable strategic approaches that make extraordinary incentive for all end clients. It accomplishes this by interfacing clients from various segments on our blockchain stage to develop gainful connections that cut out breaks from organizations, middle people, inconsistencies, unnecessary mistakes and misrepresentation. 

The final product for the end clients is a trust-based framework that takes care of issues with speed and dependability and ensures ideal utilization of scant assets to accomplish wanted productivity. 

Markaccy is equipped towards a computerized economy through blockchain innovation. 

Giving budgetary decency, correspondence and security to our end clients.

The Tech Ecosystem 

As a Blockchain Network that coordinates end clients so as to make cross-practical worth the Markaccy way, the Markaccy Mainnet is the Ferris Wheel that interfaces different innovations which offer dimensional and centered answers for our worldwide end-clients:

Smart Contracts : Smart Consulting: 

Our Markaccy Smart Contracts will drive exchanges and understandings between at least two individuals or gatherings on our foundation without outsider middle people – Legal Practitioners. These open record exchanges and understandings, which run as PC code, are prepared on our Blockchain organize and put away on an information base that can’t be changed. The understanding and exchanges are met when the two individuals who entered the agreements satisfy the states of the agreement. This wipes out outsider charges and commissions and improve the speed of exchanges by killing deferrals in the hang tight for legal advisors. 

Not exclusively Smart Contracts play out the above capacities, they additionally structure the advanced chain that connects all exchanges on our Mainnet.

2. Keen Consulting

The Markaccy Mainnet will join Machine Learning and Neural Networks on our foundation. Among a few possibilities this will incorporate the choice of counseling that can offer arrangements dependent on the requirements of the worldwide end-clients. This won’t wipe out the pertinence of advisors on our foundation, however will increase it and will all the more critically spare time and assets for end-clients. Keen Consulting will be fueled by savvy contracts and counseling administrations will be payable by digital forms of money.

* Information Privacy

Security is a basic achievement factor that decides the fruitful finish of understandings and exchanges. We understand this hole exists, in actuality, exchanges, some developing concerns which augment this hole including unsubstantiated data, references, history, and phony news. 
Information shared and moved on our Mainnet is firmly secured. This is accomplished by permitting our worldwide end-clients to control their own information, keeping outsider delegates from getting and abusing the information. It additionally gives secure channels through which this information can be moved.
Computerized Curency( Cryptocurrency )

As a solid elective which we are sure will be special to our end-clients, the Markaccy token will be conveyed as a Medium of Exchange. The Markaccy presently selling at a static cost of $0.02(pre-deal) will likewise be utilized to hold long haul ventures and momentary exchange, and the key postings on focused crypto stock trades will ensure the estimation of possessions of our worldwide end-clients
Decentralised Finance( DeFi )

The Markaccy Mainnet has a compartment that obliges monetary assistance applications which fortify ongoing straightforwardness and diminishes blunders. These applications will empower budgetary movement to continue without the intercession of concentrated money related establishments, empowering quick exchanges while making an incentive for our end clients. Additionally, our DeFi stage associates borrowers and banks of advances, taking out the requirement for long documentation and credit checks on the grounds that the Mainnet banners clients with awful financial record. It likewise guarantees credit commendable worldwide end-clients can get to advances rapidly. 
The DeFi stage will likewise drive interchange crypto exchanges replaceable with the Markaccy token, and will emphatically associate our computerized cash stage. We will likewise make the DApp, an attachment and-play decentralized application which empowers end-clients to get to budgetary administrations directly from their telephones at lower costs.
( Markaccy Marketplace ) ( Government Regulation ) ( Digital ) ( Music ) ( Energy )
Markaccy Multi Chain Wallet
Make Wallet 

Make wallet effectively with the markaccy multi-chain wallet. Our wallet is apprentice neighborly 
Coin Import 
You can flawlessly import any coin or token to the Markaccy multi-chain wallet. Very responsive coin import. 
Send Tokens 
Convey tokens from your wallet to some other ERC20 viable wallet. 
Trade Tokens 
Complete symbolic trade on the markaccy multi-chain wallet. You can trade any badge of your decision.

Team Members

Names & Rank

1.Festus Nwoko Co-Founder

2. Damilola Hussain Co-Founder
3. Celeste Paras Advisor
4. Nnamdi Offiah Advisor
5. Ifeanyi Collins Web Application/ backend Developer
6. Clinton Chuzzy UI/UX & Backend Developer
7. Chidinma C Chief Compliance Officer
8. Hazel Olivar Community Manager
9. Vu Anh Vietnam community manager
10. Ryan Vickri Indonesia community manager
11. Mahibul Islam Bangladesh Community Manager
12. Merlyn Santos Philipine Community Manager


Below you will find the key milestones Markaccy aims to meet over the next 3 years

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