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Enlist and confirm you Refercoins account 

Scrutinize the open wealth campaigns and picked one to check out. 

Scrutinize the rules mindfully and present your username and nuances at the base of the page. 

You will get an email cautioning when you are supported to participate in the wealth campaign. 

At the point when you are supported, completed the work required by retweeting, making a video or posting a Facebook post… 

In the wake of completing the task go to “My Work” portion and present a screen catch of the work. 

How You Can Join Refercoins Platform Complete Detail 

1.Refercoins Facebook Campaign | How To Join Complete Info


1-Submit your Facebook ID tin the structure underneath and hold on for support. 

2-Once supported, Log into your facebook record to follow and like: 

3-Share continuous posts from Refercoins Facebook account at 

4-After sharing, take a screen catch and move it in the “My Work” territory in your Refercoins account. 

That is it! 

Right when your work is supported, portion will be credited to your Refercoins wallet. 


• Minimum Friends Required: 100+ allies 

• Facebook profile must be set to open 

• Must Follow Refercoins Page on Facebook: 

• Must Like Original Post 

• Must not have a comparative post twice 

• Maximum Share: on numerous occasions 

• Maximum Share Per Week: multiple times every week 

• Every offer must not be eradicated. 

Refercoins Twitter Campaign | Easy Way To Join 👇

Rules and Help 

1-Submit your Twitter ID in the structure underneath and keep it together for underwriting. 

2-Once supported, Use your twitter record to retweet progressing tweets from the Refercoins twitter account. 

3-After retweeting, take a screen catch and move it in the “My Work” zone in your refercoins account. 

That is it! 

Exactly when your work is embraced, portion will be credited to your Refercoins wallet. 


• Minimum Followers Required: 100+ 

• Must Include at any rate 3 Hashtags from the summary underneath 

• Must Like Original Tweet 

• All tweets must be refered to retweets 

• Maximum Retweet: on various occasions 

• Maximum Retweet Per Week: multiple times every week 

• Must not retweet a comparable tweet twice. 

• Retweet must not be deleted. 

Refercoins Forum Signature Campaign | How To Join Details 👇

1-Create a record at 

2-In your Refercoins account dashboard, scrutinize to the “Refercoins – Signature” fight page. Present the structure at the base of that page to look into the plenitude fight. Give experiences with respect to your record at Bitcoin talk. If its all the same to you join Username and enlistment level. 

3-Once certified, Use the codes underneath for your imprint, text and image. You should complete 15 posts for every week. 

4-When you complete 15 posts, you should go to “My Work” portion and present the associations with check your posts. 

That is it! 

Reliably, your prize will be credited to your Refercoins wallet. You can recuperate at whatever point. 


Jr.Member: 1.5 mBTC (0.0015 BTC) 

Sr. Part/Full Member: 2.6 mBTC (0.0026 BTC) 

Holy person/Legendary Member: 5 mBTC (0.005 BTC) 


– Make 15 posts for every week. 

– No portion for under 15 generous posts for consistently. 

– Posts must be high-gauge/valuable 15 posts for each week. notwithstanding the bounty strings, draws, lotteries, challenges, administrative issues, exposure, exchanges, other spam. 

– Posts should be atleast 150 characters without spaces, emphasis, URLs, articulations, pictures, and emoji emoticons. 

– Quotes/joins/pictures posts won’t count. 

– Posts in close by strings are recognized. 

– if you are not dynamic for seven days you will be dropped from the campaign. 

– Keep the imprint until the completion of the fight. If you get precluded on conversation during the plenitude campaign your wealth won’t count. 

– You will be rejected for emptying the imprint before campaign end. 

– Signature codes are available on teh Bitcointalk string. 

– Note: simply brilliant presents that relate on the string subject, wherein you form and look good will be recognized. spamming, copyright encroachment are not recognized. 

– we hold the rights to reject any post/point you made towards the portion. recognize/deny/oust anyone at whatever point. 

Watch This Video For All Information and For Payment Proof  👇

End the campaign at whatever week despite in case it cross starting 4 days of the week, by then you will get full portion for that week. change the norms or pay rates for new alters. 

– individuals gain after quite a while after week as demonstrated by the going with schedule: 

Refercoins – Video | Unique and Original Content 👇


1-In the structure underneath exhibit where you will post the video and give some information about your channel. 

2-Once certified, You can start making the video and submit it to your Youtube channel. The video must be of adequate video and sound quality similarly as entrancing substance. 

3-After Posting the Video, Go to “My Work” fragment and present the association with your Video. 

That is it! 

Right when your work is supported, portion will be credited to your Refercoins wallet. 


• Describe Refercoins and it’s features. 

• Your channel must have atleast 100 endorsers. 

• The video must be atleast 3 minutes long. 

• Video must indicate Refercoins atleast on different occasions. 

• Languages recognized: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Portuguese, Turkish. 

• Your video must be novel, not copied. Copyright encroachment or usage of spam or copied material, negative information, will be considered as invalid passages. 

• Maximum 2 chronicles for every part. each video must be particular in substance or it won’t be recognized. 

• Maximum 1 video for consistently. 

• Payment will be denied for awful quality or uninteresting video. 

• Video must not be eradicated/emptied at whatever point. 

Refercoins Original Article | Unique and Original 👇

1-In the structure underneath show what you will clarify and consolidate an association of your website/blog 

2-Once supported, You can start forming the article and submit it to your blog/webpage. The article must be written in English without syntactic errors. 

3-After Posting the article, Go to “My Work” territory and present the association with your post/article. 

That is it! 

Right when your work is embraced, portion will be credited to your Refercoins wallet. 


• The Blogs and Sites recognized to secure the prizes are: Medium, blogger, WordPress, singular locales, untouchable destinations and any website that is deliberately related to computerized types of cash. 

• The posts and articles disseminated must contain in any event 500 words. 

• Article must fuse at any rate 1 interface with Refercoins site 

• Post must fuse 1 picture. Picture must be related to the subject yet not taken from our site. 

• Post must be written in English without syntactic bungles. 

• Your post must be remarkable, not repeated. Copyright encroachment or use of spam or copied conveyances, foreboding information, will be considered as invalid sections. 

• Maximum 3 articles for each part. 

• Maximum 1 article for consistently. 

• Payment will be denied for terrible quality or uninteresting arrangement. 

• Payment will be paid to Refercoins account 10 days after the Video is Live 

• Article must not be deleted/emptied at whatever point 

During The Writing if Anywhere My Mistake You Can Visit Official Website Link is Below and Read All Latest Info and Visit Our YouTube Channel For More Information and Payment Proof. Much appreciated

Refercoins Official Links :

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