What is Tozex?

 What is Tozex? 

 CryptoAsset Platform for Issuing, Financing & Trading | TOZEX – Decentralized Finance

Tozex is a financing stage which joins a symbolic issuance module “Tokenpad” permitting to dispatch a token based crowdfunding effort (ICO, STO and BRO) with an implanted crypto resource commercial center.

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Smart Contract 

Our foundation utilizes the intensity of keen agreement as a trustless outsider to deal with the issuance of tokens (utility, installment or protections) keep up by an open source library. 

The decentralized trade request book overseeing offers and asks remain openly auditable by any one evading obscurity and market control. 

A savvy contract is PC code that computerizes a lot of execution conditions including inward and outer settings without the requirement for an outsider framework when it is sent on a Blockchain arrange.It is basically a type of computerized contract itemizing the principles and conditions to be followed in its execution without the

opportunities for the gatherings to have the option to change them, the last acquiring the changelessness of the Blockchain.

 User Friendly | Interface 

The UI is intended to be neighborly to improve client experience without dismissed security. 

Our exchanging and giving symbolic’s functionalities are created to encourage the communication of our clients with the current crypto resource biological system 


One of the fundamental quality of blockchain is to bring straightforwardness among partners (controllers, organizations, speculators, dealers …). 

Additionally the vote of our locale is a significant reality to list another crypto resource on our foundation after an inside due industriousness.

Business visionaries 

Dispatch cryptoasset gathering pledges crusades (ICO, STO or BRO) 

Grow the consciousness of your promising ventures by submitting it to our locale 

Spare time and significant costs (specialized, promoting and so on) 

Make your cryptoasset with a practical fluid market 

Financial specialists 

Distinguish beginning phase venture openings on selective tasks 

Think about productivity and dangers of each undertakings (given reward, absolute gracefully …) 

Fluid speculations: Invest or get back your ventures inside an interesting stage 

Remain educated about the exercises of your ventures 

Dealers Multi-signature store wallet to be careful your cryptoassets 

Restrictive chances to exchange recently cryptoassets 

Decentralized request book 

ppropriate market data and live market information (exchanging graphs, reports … )

Vision | Concept 

Fundamentally, Tozex is a gathering pledges stage which use blockchain innovation for SMEs raising capital. TOZEX permits to set up a token based crowdfunding effort committed to back SMEs venture with an inserted exchanging commercial center.

How To Use TOZ Token ?

TOZ Token will be place at the core of TOZEX environment. It tends to be utilized to pay all charges required for Services accessible on the TOZEX Platform or from Third Service Providers (utilization of Digital Asset Vault, production of computerized resources, utilization of Initial Token Offering brilliant agreements, and so forth… ), contribute with an influence on token based raising money venture and vote to choose advanced advantages for be recorded on the Platform.

At the propelled of the BRO lobby, beginning worth is 1 TOZ = 1 $.

How To Listing a Token On Tozex ?

The way toward posting a token on TOZEX incorporates major due persistence. Without a doubt the token needs to fulfill the accompanying standards from the TOZEX token posting framework: Regulatory consistence and legitimate Token plan and capability (utility, installment or security) Corporation and Team investigation Operations and innovation

How To Get Profit | Benefits of Investors 

Tokens are effectively adaptable, either straightforwardly between two individuals (Peer-to-peer), or through a specific crypto trade stage. This capacity to trade tokens makes it conceivable to give more noteworthy liquidity to this kind of advantage than the portions of an unlisted organization. Cryptoasset market works constantly every minute of every day/365. Furthermore, the ITO is additionally an incredible showcasing apparatus to offer perceivability to a future item/administration and start to unite a network that will add to the development of the undertaking and its advancement. The developing achievement of the ITOs makes this subsidizing strategy another and alluring apparatus that will reform the money related framework. Tokens will turn into the money related protections of tomorrow.


We need a managed industry which secures clients while supporting development. As we think about thatdministrative consistence is basic for the effective long haul advancement of a cryptoasset arrangement supplier, we will envision the administrative prerequisite by turning into the first crypto trade completely controlled under MIFID II. As of now, cryptoassets doesn’t have any unmistakable definition under European budgetary law. 

The cryptoasset speaks to different advanced resources with connected budgetary, political or item based rights. Notwithstanding, the capability of money related instrument could be held for those cryptoassets which offers comparable monetary and additionally political rights as those joined to conventional protections (values or bonds). Those cryptoassets could fall under the meaning of monetary instruments from MIFID II Directive. The order express that money related instruments could be haggled uniquely through agreeable MIFID stages. In this viewpoint, TOZEX will be the first cryptoasset trade accessible to money related organizations. Consequently, we offer an extraordinary open door for totally directed, amazingly secure and ground-breaking exchanging with cryptoassets to establishments and their customers. TOZEX is obtaining a money related permit which concedes high straightforwardness and incredibly secure access to the cryptoasset exchanging.


One of the chief dangers running a crypto trade is the best approach to safely deal with all the stage subsidize to limit however much as could reasonably be expected inward robbery or outer hacks. The stage needs to address this major issue without bargaining the activity of the stage. 

Multisignature Hot wallet : 

The Multisignature hot wallet is an on the web and associated wallet made out of 2-of-3 marks and speaks to the confinement where assets are put away. It permits to get or send reserves mentioned by clients during the online action of the stage. One key has a place with client (comparatively to Blockchain.info), the subsequent key is put away on our protected webserverthe last one is encoded, put away disconnected and has a place with specialized staff to be utilized to open the wallet ininstance of the privatekey lost by the client.Clients of the stage can pull back the measure of cryptoasset which are not requested inside the decentralized request book.


The TOZ token portions will be circulated to satisfy our system and vision. The improvement of our venture is principally founded on straightforwardness furthermore, however much as could reasonably be expected on the reasonable appropriation of TOZ tokens.


No venture, legitimate, charge, administrative, money related, bookkeeping or other guidance is offered nor is the plan to give the sole premise to any assessment of partaking in the symbolic age occasion. To the degree an individual wishes to take an interest in the symbolic deal from the point of view of an financial specialist or saver, the presumption in this White Paper and its future emphasess is consistently that such individual has looked for earlier lawful, venture, assessment, bookkeeping, and other exhortation or enthusiastically predestined similar expecting full danger for any results thereof. Moreover, it is all occasions the sole duty of such individual to guarantee that taking an interest in the symbolic age occasion is consistent with the laws to which such people are subject whenever.

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